Street play ban on kids is lifted


PARENTS who were told that their kids couldn’t play in a safe cul-de-sac in Milngavie have now received a grovelling apology from their landlord.

Residents in the new flats in Marchfield were gobsmacked when they got letters from Cube Housing Association at the beginning of the month which threatened them with ‘warnings’ if they allowed children to play outside their own houses.

Stephen Inglis, neighbourhood services manager at Cube Housing Association, has now written to residents saying: “I am sorry that we have caused a misunderstanding with the recent letter we issued.


“We agree with parents about encouraging a healthy lifestyle for children and your estate was built with that in mind. However, we also want to encourage everyone to be considerate of their neighbours and help reduce risks.”

One of the tenants, Donna Traynor (27), mum of Kayla (8), said: “I’m glad they have admitted they were wrong.

“Quite a few children play on the street and the communal grass area and it was ridiculous that we were told they could no longer do this.

“My daughter was very worried about getting into trouble for playing in the street.

“They shouldn’t have been so heavy handed and I think they have realised that now.”

The original letter, signed by Martin Cairney, housing assistant at neighbourhood services team at Cube Housing Association, stated they had received a report that children were leaving bikes, scooters and other toys lying on the pavement and road.

It continued: “The street and road should not be treated as a play area as children risk injury from being struck by or running into motor vehicles. Bikes and toys could also create a trip hazard for pedestrians or vehicles may accidentally drive over any discarded item.

“Please ensure your children or any visiting your home do not use the street and road as a play area and they take their toys indoors.

“If I receive further similar reports I will take action to identify and, if required, issue warnings to those householders responsible.”

Mr Inglis has now assured residents that formal warnings will not be issued to anyone who leaves toys which obstruct the street.

He said: “Instead I want to make it clear that we support all residents in their wish for an environment where children can play and be safe. All we ask is that parents be aware of the potential dangers in the road and everyone shows consideration to keep the area safe for everyone.

“A cul-de-sac is still a road and this means there is still a risk of injury from vehicles. As this is a brand new estate, it is still used by construction vehicles and not as quiet as it will be in the future.”