Stray cow holds up traffic on busy road at Lenzie

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Motorists at Kirkintilloch got a shock when a stray cow ended up on a busy road on 
Sunday, November 3.

Drivers were forced to put on the brakes when the animal, which is believed to have escaped from a nearby field, sauntered down the middle of Boghead Road at its junction with Maple Drive, Lenzie around 3.15pm.

Local people took to social media to warn others and police were called.

One person joked online: “Someone needs to moo-ve that”.

While another added: “I thought I was seeing things! Hope it’s okay.”

One motorist commented later: “It was massive. You definitely don’t see that every day!

A police spokesperson at Kirkintilloch said officers 
attended the scene after a number of calls from the public about the stray cow.

Fortunately, they didn’t have to round up the animal as, after having a nosy in someone’s garden, the cow decided to head home and got safely back to its own field.