Strathblane is soup-er, says web guide

THE Good Soup Guide - an online guide for tourists in Scotland - has praised Strathblane as “an outdoor person’s paradise”.

This verdict came after a recent visit to the village by members of the team - but their comments weren’t all positive.

Edward Burns from the Good Soup Guide, said: “We were disappointed to find some of the forest tracks were still blocked by fallen trees after the recent storm, we hope it will not be too long before this is cleared.

“It was also sad to find the little tearoom in the old cottage in Blanefield has shut and has now become an art gallery.

“It is a fine art gallery, but admiring works of art can in no way come close to mimicking the enjoyment one can experience when tackling a good bowl of soup.

“Another serious disappointment was a lack of decent ale in Strathblane.

“The inns had an insipid range of poor British or foreign beers, with no local real ale.

“However, all in all, Strathblane is an outdoor person’s paradise.”

In defence of Strathblane, Phillip Graves from Strathblane Community Council, said: “There is a fantastic deli and tearoom which serves lovely homemade soup.

“The village is an important entry point to the Campsies with beautiful low level walks and the West Highland Way is only a mile or two away.

“There is a problem with fallen trees on some of the paths at the moment and I’d like to see something done about it. We have recently had some of the worst storms in living history and it will take some time to fix the resulting damage.

“The pubs have both changed hands recently and are vastly improved as a result - they are very welcoming pleasant country pubs.”