Stirling Council says remember to recycle your old clothes

RECYCLE your old clothes instead of throwing them away if you are having a clear out of your wardrobe after Christmas.

This is the message from Stirling Council this week - simply pop what you no longer need into your blue recycling box. Clean and dry clothing such as old jumpers, socks, coats, even pairs of shoes, which should be tied together, rags, sheets and towels can be recycled.

Residents are being asked to put the textiles into a plastic bag to keep them dry because if they’re wet then they’re less valuable.

A council spokesperson, said: “Thanks to the commitment and efforts of local residents recycling rates within Stirling continue to rise. SEPA has just released recycling rates for 2011 and Stirling Council is one of the best performing local authorities for recycling and diversion of waste from landfill, and has already met the Scottish Governments Zero Waste recycling target years early.”

Blue boxes should also be used to recycle:

Food & Drink Cans: All cans, both aluminium & steel, and also aerosol cans

Clean Foil: Please crumple to avoid wind-blown litter

Glass Bottles & Jars: No window glass, drinking glasses or broken glass

Paper: All brochures, catalogues, envelopes, junk mail, magazines and newspapers

Plastic Bottles: But not plastic packaging or other plastic containers

The brown box is for folded and flattened cardboard only and should be put at the kerbside with the blue recycling box every week. Uncontaminated cardboard is a valuable resource, which can be recycled and turned back into useful products, allowing the council to achieve an income.

Over Christmas and New Year Waste & Recycling collections will run two days late. Collections scheduled for Mondays will be made on Wednesdays and so on, with Friday collections being delayed until Sunday. Polmaise Household Waste Recycling Centre, Callander and Balfron Centres will be open January 3 onwards.

For information on the waste and recycling service see the website or contact the council by telephone on 0845 277 7000.