Stepps venue gives award honour to Maria

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An assistant officer manager at the Red Deer Village residential park in Stepps has picked up a prestigious industry service award.

Maria Kennedy, who is carrying out a manager’s course at Strathclyde University, received the honour from Rufus Bellamy, son of TV botanist David Bellamy.

Ten workers at the park already have the BH&HPA (the British Holiday and Home Park Association) Exceptional Service Award.)

The BH&HPA is a trade body which promotes and supports the park industry across the UK, with a number of awards schemes covering customer service, along with conservation and energy efficiency.

John Hendry, who co-owns the park venture with brother Ivan, said: “We are delighted to award Maria with this prestigious accolade.

“She is a very hard working individual who very much deserves this award, and is committed to furthering her career with the Manager’s Course she is now undertaking.”

Rufus Bellamy said: “On behalf of the BH&HPA I give Maria my warmest congratulations - really well done.

“I also wish to congratulate John and Ivan as it is evident they provide a truly supportive environment in which to work.”

Red Deer Village’s new community hub has taken over eighteen months in the planning and over six months to build and complete.

It can be used by local associations and groups who can come in and give talks and presentations to the residents.