Stephanie’s top charity post

Stephanie Fraser Bobath
Stephanie Fraser Bobath

BOBATH Scotland Children’s Cerebral Palsy Therapy Centre has announced the appointment of Milngavie’s Stephanie Fraser as chief executive officer.

Stephanie, who was for seven years head of development at Scottish Ballet, succeeds Roy Hudson of Bearsden, who retired at the end of 2011.

She brings to the charity strong leadership skills, business acumen, an impressive marketing pedigree, and extensive contacts.

Stephanie, who is married with four children, is delighted to have joined Bobath Scotland and is keen to take on the many challenges posed by the current climate.

She aims to get to know as many families, volunteers and supporters as possible and wants to help raise the profile of the charity’s valuable work.

Stephanie said: “It is a pleasure to come into Bobath every morning. The team here are fantastically motivated and it is my job to capitalise on that and inject some real ambition into what Bobath can achieve over the next few years.”

Bobath Scotland chairman, Jim Campbell – co-founder of Campbell Dallas Chartered Accountants, formerly based in Bearsden - said: “We are delighted to have attracted someone of Stephanie’s calibre to the charity.

“We are confident that her experience and vision will help steer us through challenging economic times and map our path towards a vibrant future for the benefit of Scotland’s children with cerebral palsy and their families and carers.”

NEW APPOINTMENT . . . Stephanie Fraser, from Mingavie, who has been made the chief executive officer of Bobath Scotland Children’s Cerebral Palsy Therapy Centre.