Stars were in Milngavie to film

Milngavie folk rubbed shoulders with celebrities last Wednesday without knowing it when David Tennant and Rosamund Pike were in town.

There were there to film scenes for a new BBC comedy show called What we Did On Our Holiday, which also stars Billy Connelly, in the Tea Cosy cafe in the precinct.

Sadly Billy was not there as he didn’t feature in this scene and many people would not have known that David and Bond girl Rosamund were there either as they used the back door to get into the Tea Cosy and based themselves in the upper level of Cyan restaurant on Stewart Street and the West of Scotland rugby Clubnearby.

However Anne Gibb, the proprieter of the Tea Cosy, was lucky enough to meet them and even managed to get the former Doctor Who’s autograph for her 13-year-old grand-daughter Emma who is a big fan of his.

The film, which is about a dysfunctional family who head to Scotland on a chaotic trip for their grandad’s 75th birthday.

It is the directorial debut of Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton, creators of the family comedy Outnumbered.

David Tennant plays Doug, whose marriage is breaking down as he returns to Scotland for a family occasion, while Connolly plays a character named Georgie.

Celia Imrie, Ben Miller and Amelia Bullmore also have leading roles in the comedy.

Anne Gibb from the Tea Cosy had a part as an extra along with Ruth Sloane, a waitress at the cafe.

What We Did On Our Holiday will adopt similar improvisational techniques as Outnumbered, where the children came out with unscripted responses, creating a ‘what will they say next?’ humour.

Anne said: “We heard some of the lines and it was very funny.

“The children were very good, giving them the opportunity to say things off script is a great idea as kids naturally say the funniest things sometimes.

“It was a fun day although it was tiring, the crew were here from 8am to 2pm.

“I was on my feet all day walking back and forwards to their table.

“Every time they cut the filming we had to remember where we were standing for when the camera started rolling again so that was a bit tricky.

“David Tennant seemed really nice and he said we had a lovely tearoom.

“They reorganised all the furniture and told us they had specifically needed a tearoom which was upstairs.”

They have also been filming in Doune, Scotstoun and Croftamie.