Son’s rare illness prompts mum to raise cash for cancer charity

David with mum Shirley
David with mum Shirley

A mum whose 18-year-old son is recovering from a rare form of cancer is hoping to raise awareness and money to help fight the disease.

Shirley Fraser, from Bearsden, said it had come as a complete shock when her apparently healthy, football mad son, David, broke his leg while playing for ‘his beloved Baljaffray Thistle’ last September.

Unknown to her, David had osteosarcoma - a type of bone cancer which although very rare, is more common in youngsters.

Shirley, a care worker, said: “David lives for football. He eats, sleeps and breathes the game. It was during a football match he broke his femur in a 50/50 tackle. The tumour in his thigh bone had weakened the bone to such an extent that when the bone shattered it would have been an injury consistent with being hit by a car.”

After diagnosis treatment started almost straight away.Luckily it had been caught in its early stages and the cancer had not spread. But David still had to undergo a nine hour operation to save his leg, which included the insertion of a titanium rod in his thigh bone and a metal knee replacement. He has also had three of his quadriceps removed and replaced with muscle and tissue from the back of the injured leg.

Shirley added: “We are optimistic. He took his first steps this week without crutches.”

Friends and family have raised over £4,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust so far and they are planning to climb Ben Lomond on April 4. To donate go to