Slimmers urged to give their clothes to charity

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Kind-hearted East Dunbartonshire slimmers are donating clothes they hope they’ll never need again for a Cancer Research UK campaign to raise £3million.

The Big Slimming World Clothes Throw is a fortnight-long event that runs in Slimming World groups across the UK until June 18.

It’s reckoned members confident enough to know they’ll never need their “before” clothes again will donate clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to local Cancer Research UK shops.

Last year, The Big Slimming World Clothes Throw raised £2.1million and this year group members who find one of the 4,000 specially-branded golden bags (for clothes donations) will be entered into a prize draw.

This will give winners a chance to meet a mysterious celebrity who is a big supporter of Cancer Research UK, or to win shopping vouchers to replace the clothes they’ve donated.

Local weight loss consultant Sally Stevens said: “Lots of people don’t know that keeping a healthy weight helps reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer.

“The Clothes Throw is a really good opportunity to remind people of the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, as well as a chance for the members who have done so well to celebrate their amazing weight losses by saying goodbye to their ‘before’ clothes!”

Isabell McDonald from Bishopbriggs, who has lost over seven stones in the past year, said: “I’ve been putting bits aside for a couple of weeks now, ready to bag it all up in June – dresses and trousers that no longer fit, belts I’ve grown too small for and t-shirts I once hid in.

“Now I’m proud to wear colourful clothes that show off my new figure and I no longer feel the need to cover up or wear dark colours.”