Singer hits right note for charity

april stuart macrea new band pic
april stuart macrea new band pic

Singer April Stuart MacRae has helped raise almost £2,000 for a teen cancer charity after taking part in a daring motorbike stunt.

The talented 20-year-old from Milngavie, who recently formed new girl pop group Sweet Injection, teamed up with long term friend and fellow musician Sam Callahan (19) from Essex, who undertook 15 challenges as part of his Crazy Campaign to raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

The challenges included such things as bungee jumping and fire walking.

When Sam decided to undertake a motorcycle jump recently at Drumclog dirt racing track in South Lanarkshire, he approached April’s brother Martin, a keen motocross rider who lent him his KTM 250 Motocross bike.

April and her four band members lay in the path of the bike as it accelerated over a hill and flew over them.

April said: “Me and Sam are such good friends, so when he asked me if I could help I had to say yes.

The stunt was really frightening, even more so because Sam had not been on a motorbike for quite some time.

“But it was all for a good cause, so we all felt it was worth doing.”

Since returning from China earlier this year, where she has been cutting her teeth in the fledgling entertainments industry, April has secured a spot on community radio station Pulse FM’s breakfast show.

Her schedule is quite punishing, having to get up at 5.30am as well as helping to manage her new girlband.

Her mum, Anne Marie, said April was working hard at the moment getting sponsors and gigs.

She said: “So far April has managed to get a photographer and sponsorship from The Pokey Hat clothes company who will be dressing them and designing their costumes.

“We are so proud of what April has achieved so far ‑ choreographing the dances alongside getting to the recording studio for the music. She just never seems to stop.”

And commenting on her son, Anne Marie said he had really found a focus in life after getting involved in motorcross.

She said: “Martin’s motorbike is his pride and joy, so it was really kind of him to lend it to Sam for the jump.

“Martin is new to the sport of motocross, but he has already competed in a number of junior Scottish championships.

“He wanted to help support teenagers with cancer because he felt it was such a good cause.

“ I think he would like to take it further, but he’ll need to get some sponsorship. “