Sign up to save a life

ALMOST half the population of Scotland have signed up to donate an organ that could save a life or improve the quality of life.

Now the NHS organ donation campaign wants to reach the more than half the country who have yet to sign up.

A spokesman explained: “Every day in the UK, three people die neelessly waiting for a transplant. We need to raise the number of donors in Scotland to help the 600 who are still waiting.”

Despite encouraging statistics that show that Scotland leads the way in donating their organs to science, we still fall short of requirements, say health officials.

They want to reach out to residents of East Dunbartonshire in a call to action to discuss organ donation with their family and make their wishes known in a last selfless potentially lifesaving act of generosity.

Public health minister Michael Mathieson said: “This new campaign has two simple yet equally important messages: join the register and have a chat about organ donations with your family and loved ones.

It can be easy to put off such conversations but the reality is that more than 600 people in Scotloand are waiting for a lifesaving transplant.”

More than 40 per cent of Scots are already on the register - far surpassing the 31 per cent UK av erage.

Mr Mathieson added: “That shows we are on the right track.”

To find out more, visit or text LIFE to 61611.