See Circus of Horrors at the King’s Theatre - if you dare

circus of horrors comp
circus of horrors comp

SEVENTEEN years after its conception at the Glastonbury Festival, Circus of Horrors has gone on to tour the world, achieving cult status and dragging circus screaming and into the 21st century.

And The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald has a pair of tickets to give away to see the show when it arrives at Glasgow’s King’s Theatre on Monday, January 28 at 7.30pm.

The sensation, which stormed into the finals of Britain’s Got Talent is packed with new shocks that will take you on a whirlwind journey like a bat out of Hell into 1927 Berlin - this was the roaring twenties, a decedent decade, the birth of the Cabaret and the home to The Devil Doll.

The new phantasmagoria is a sequel to last year’s critically acclaimed show The Ventriloquist and was named The Curse of the Devil Doll after a series of bizarre incidents during the last tour.

Dr Haze, creator of The Circus of Horrors, said: “It all started with vehicles that carried the Doll inexplicably blew up, but a week into the tour and things took a definite turn to the worse.”

The show was in Bradford and during a sequence where the Doll appeared to be brought to life with the aid of a Tesla coil, sword swallower Hannibal Hellmurto swallowed a lit Neon tube.

This is the most dangerous of swallowing stunts, as it can shatter and send glass, mercury and electricity into your body.

Dr Haze added: “Thankfully none of these did happen but a dry throat did cause the tube to rip a 20mm hole in his oesophagus and he was rushed to hospital and kept in intensive care for four weeks then a further two weeks in a general ward.

“More vehicles were inexplicably breaking down, each time always while carrying the Doll. After Christmas the ‘curse’ seemed to increase its intensity, culminating in a mini bus carrying half of the cast breaking down in a remote area and almost veering off the road.

“The Doll was laying down on the back seat. The cast all jumped out of the van but when they looked inside the window they found the jolt had thrown the Doll into a sitting position and triggered a switch that lit his glowing red eyes.

“It was almost mutiny, lots of the cast refused to travel in the van again.”

For your chance to win tickets, make sure you get your copy of this week’s Milngavie and Bearsden Herald, which is in shops now.