Secret’s out ... Bearsden ‘club’ stars in new book

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BOOK lovers are being offered to take a intriguing trip into the hills along with a ‘The Bearsden Secret Society Mountaineering Club’.

That’s the name of a new book – launched on Monday – which has been written by Andrew Vickery.

While the title will, no doubt, intrigue local residents unaware of such a club, it is not actually about Bearsden, it is not about a secret society and the numbers involved hardly justify use of the word club!

Neither has it anything to do with the activities of The Milngavie Mountaineering Club, a well-established and well-organised local club whose approach to mountaineering is altogether more responsible and certainly not secretive.

It does, however, have something to do with mountaineering.

The book is a light-hearted account of the tales and misadventures of a small group of friends with a shared interest in mountaineering during their annual gatherings in the mountains of Scotland over a period of more than 30 years.

Its exploits are legendary, at least in the minds of the six or so people involved.

But, why the title? The author, Andrew Vickery, originally from Glasgow and now living in the Borders, said: “As befits a club with such a name, the secret is not revealed until Chapter 11.

“A group of six members had stayed at a bunkhouse near Spean Bridge and some scouts had written in a logbook that a secretive group from one of the more posh areas near Glasgow has been there too.

“They christened the group The Bearsden Secret Society Mountaineering Club.

“Initially taken aback by the description, the group gradually warmed to the idea and adopted the name.”

The West Highland Way gets a mention or two, but that is about as close as the club gets to Bearsden physically.

The book is available from The Milngavie Bookshop, priced at £10. For more information on ‘The Bearsden Secret Society Mountaineering Club’ visit