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A MILNGAVIE man was horrified to find confidential medical documents in his wheelie bin on Finlay Rise, Milngavie, this week.

The resident discovered two sheets of A4 paper and a brown envelope containing a tape for a dictaphone when he went to clean his bin after it had been emptied earlier this week.

The man, who did not wish to be named, said: “I was shocked and horrified to find this.

“It had already been opened and contained a lot of personal information which is definitely not for public consumption.

“This should not have ended up in my bin - it’s really terrible.”

The documents list patients on a clinic list at Nuffield Ross Hall hospital in Glasgow.

They provide patient’s names, address, telephone number and date of birth as well as the type of appointment they have, their GP, and notes about their illness.

The tape is also thought to contain personal medical information.

A spokesperson for Ross Hall Hospital (BMI Healthcare and General Healthcare Group), said: “We understand that these documents were posted via recorded delivery Royal Mail to a medical secretary.

“As the items did not arrive when anticipated, a complaint was lodged with Royal Mail and they advised that the package was delivered to the wrong address and pushed through the letterbox, rather than obtaining a signature to confirm safe receipt, as should be the case.

“Any breach of data protection involving our hospital is taken very seriously.

“We will therefore be continuing to discuss the incident with the consultant involved and, separately, conduct a full investigation into the matter and take any steps considered necessary as a result.”

A spokesperson for Nuffield Hospital, said: “We take the data security of patients extremely seriously and have rigorous processes and checks in place to ensure that patients’ information is secure.

“We are waiting for written confirmation from the Post Office about how the error occurred and what steps are being taken to ensure that this cannot happen again.

“In the meantime we will be investigating this incident internally and with the consultant to better understand how it occurred and identify how to avoid any such error in the future.”