Search is on for a new home for paintings of Bearsden

Robert Campbell who owns a barber shop is looking for a new home for his paintings.
Robert Campbell who owns a barber shop is looking for a new home for his paintings.

The owner of a hair salon is looking for a new home for two beautiful paintings of Bearsden Cross which were painted by a local artist.

Halo Hair Salon and Trimms 2, in Bearsden’s Baljaffray Shopping Centre, has recently been refurbished and there’s no longer any space in the salons to hang the paintings, which have been painted on large pieces of plywood.

The colourful murals are the work of local artist David Mitchell who was principal teacher of art at Douglas Academy, in Milngavie.

He is a childhood friend of the salon’s owner, Robert Campbell, who bought the works of art from him 28 years ago when he first opened the business in Baljaffray.

One painting shows a view of Station Road with old fashioned shops, people walking along the street and a horse and cart, looking towards Bearsden Cross.

The other one also depicts an ‘olde world’ scene with people standing in front of shops opposite Bearsden Primary School at the Cross.

One of them is 8ft by 4ft and the other is slightly smaller.

They are best viewed from at least three metres away.

Robert said: “I’m very fond of the paintings - they have been hanging on our wall for nearly three decades.

“I’d really like them to go to a good home, preferably in the Bearsden Cross area.

“I’d be happy to give them on a long term loan or sell them to someone.

“Many of my customers have admired them over the years.

“It would be nice if people could continue to see them but we just don’t have room to hang them anywhere in our salon now.

“I don’t even have room to store them and it would be a real shame for them to gather dust somewhere or end up getting thrown on a skip.

“David used a bit of poetic licence when he created them but you can recognise Bearsden.

“They are really very charming paintings and they have a lot of local significance.”

If you are interested in either buying these paintings or taking them for a long term loan please contact Robert Campbell by calling 07891 248755.