Scottish Water warning over cold winter season

burst frozen pipe
burst frozen pipe

Scottish Water is calling on Milngavie and Bearsden residents to take pre-emptive action to protect household pipes this winter.

The water authority is launching its winter code initiative in the coming weeks to warn homeowners of the dangers of burst pipes during the cold weather period.

It advises residents to keep their central heating systems on in winter and to ensure the pipes are drained of water if leaving the property vacant for long periods.

Ensuring all water tanks are wrapped in insulation is also important, while any leaks and other repairs should be taken care of immediately.

Peter Farrer, chief operating officer at Scottish Water, said: “Anyone who has returned to their house or work to find everything ankle deep in freezing water with carpets, furniture and equipment all ruined, will know only too well of the misery a burst pipe in winter can cause.

“But by taking action to heat, insulate and protect properties, customers can avoid the considerable headache and heartache caused by burst pipes.

“We want to work with our customers to ensure we are all prepared for whatever winter weather we get. Preventing frozen pipes also means we all play a part in ensuring the water cycle never stops.”

He added: “Water is a precious resource and Scottish Water puts a lot of work into keeping it that way.

“Water pouring straight back into the drains as a result of a burst pipe that could have been prevented costs us all money.”

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