Science Rocks! fills Bearsden Primary

Bearsden Primary Pupil, Amy Liu(6) at the Science Rocks Festival, 21st April 2012.
Bearsden Primary Pupil, Amy Liu(6) at the Science Rocks Festival, 21st April 2012.

THE Science Rocks! event at Bearsden Primary School on Saturday was so popular that tickets sold out in the run up to the day.

More than 600 people of all ages went along with family and friends to learn about the wonderful world of science - and the event raised over £3,500 for the school.

Showsby Glasgow Science Centre, thinkScience and University of Glasgow’s Starlab Planetarium were also sold out on the day.

Visitors enjoyed handling Scottish sea creatures in Deep Sea World’s travelling rock pools and ‘wee beasties’ with rangers from Mugdock Country Park.

Dozens of specialists in the field of science, technology, engineering and medicine gave up their time for free to impart their knowledge and expertise to the hundreds who turned out.

Children got the chance to carry out simulated key hole surgery, watch a coke bottle and mints turn into a volcanic eruption, learn about renewable energy by making their own cardboard wind turbine, build bridges out of pasta and make cells out of jelly and sweets.

Marianne Young, headteacher of Bearsden Primary, said: “Science Rocks! was an amazing experience for everyone. The children had a great time - the parents and presenters enjoyed it too.

“The aim of the day was to show children how exciting the world of science is and I think that was achieved.

“I must congratulate the school’s fundraising group for all their hard work in making the day a great success.”

Margo Currie, lead organiser of Science Rocks! and a member of the school’s fundraising group, said: “I am thrilled the event went so well.

“As the afternoon was winding down, I heard a child tell his father that he would like to be a scientist when he grows up. This was a real personal highlight for me.

“Thanks to everyone for engaging the children and their families so brilliantly in science and for making learning such great fun.”

Mrs Young was assisted in officially opening Science Rocks! by Professor John Brown, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, and Professor John Coggins, of Glasgow City of Science.

Professor Brown told the audience: “I was 10, the same age as many of the children here today when I became interested in astronomy. Events like this help to enthuse and engage children and I am delighted to be here today to launch the first ever Science Rocks!”

Professor John Coggins, who along with some colleagues from the University of Glasgow, manned the Ask the Scientist Zone, where children got the chance to quiz them on any topic, said: “My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

“It was very impressive to see how much effort all the participants had put in to making Science Rocks! a great success and to see how much pupils and their parents enjoyed the afternoon.

“I was amazed by the turnout – it is wonderful to see so many people come out on a Saturday afternoon to a science event.”

Among those taking part was local firm R-Biopharm Rhone, based at Glasgow Science Park off Maryhill Road, who along with Wright and Crawford Solicitors & Estate Agents based at Bearsden Cross, were a major sponsor of the event.