SCHOOLS LATEST: good news for Milngavie and Baldernock

Milngavie Primary'Photo Emma Mitchell'11/12/12
Milngavie Primary'Photo Emma Mitchell'11/12/12

MILNGAVIE and Baldernock Primaries have been given a stay of execution.

The recently published council papers for the special meeting next Wednesday (March 27), which will decide the fate of primary schools across the region, DOES NOT recommend a merge of Milngavie and Clober Primary Schools or Milngavie/Clober and Baldernock at the Clober site.

Meanwhile a decision for the proposal to merge Baldernock and Torrance at the Torrance site has been deferred until the findings of the Scottish Government’s commission on the delivery of rural education are published.

Leonie Bell, a spokesperson for the campaign and mum of two at Milngavie Primary, said: “We are very happy and we feel like we’ve got breathing space now and a bit of extra time that will enable us to work with EDC to talk about the best options for Milngavie Primary School so that the school improvement programme really does achieve what it aims to do - improve schools.

“We are glad that it seems that our written response to the consultation has been taken seriously.”

A comment on the protect Milngavie Primary Facebook page said: “We have work to do still but it looks like Milngavie PS will stay in the heart of our community.

“From the bottom of our Protect Milngavie heart thank you to everyone who has worked so hard and supported us on this journey!”

Jan Mackay, joint chair of Baldernock Primary School’s parent council, said: “We are satisfied that this gives us a little more time.

“Once the findings are delivered the process will start up but we still don’t know what the findings will be and whether there will be a more rigorous procedure put in place before rural schools can be closed.

“The findings could be published as soon as the end of March.”