CLAIMS that Baldernock Primary School is threatened with closure have been vehemently denied by East Dunbartonshire CounciL.

Niall Campbell, Chair of Baldernock Parent Council, had claimed in a letter to parents that the council had announced a review for schools in June.

He urged people to come to a parent council meeting to discuss the issue because “this potentially means that Baldernock Primary School has an uncertain future.”

Mr Campbell also insisted that three “very good” applications, including one from an acting headteacher, had been received for the post of headteacher at the school.

He said he had seen them because he sits on the interview panel.

However, a report on rural education for the education committee said there had been no quality applications.

Head of education, Gordon Currie, said: “East Dunbartonshire Council is not carrying out a review of schools in June. We can confirm that the post of headteacher at Baldernock Primary School is currently being advertised in the national press and we hope to appoint someone in the very near future. At the moment there are no plans to close any schools within East Dunbartonshire and if this were to change it would be subject to council approval.”