Save a life today and become a blood donor

Do something amazing - give blood.
Do something amazing - give blood.

Want to do something amazing? How about giving your blood in a local collection?

Every minute of every day someone in Scotland is receiving blood as part of a life-saving or life-enhancing treatment. Yet, only 5 per cent of the population are active blood donors.

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) needs 5,000 blood donors every week to meet the needs of patients in Scotland.

A spokesperson said: “Around half of current donors are over 45. That’s why we need more young people, over the age of 17, to start giving blood, so we can make sure we have enough blood in the future.

“We need more donors from all blood groups and types. We particularly need more people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities to give blood so that we have a supply of certain blood types.

“Donating blood is safe, simple and takes only an hour so please consider becoming a donor - you can literally save lives.”

If you’d like to donate your blood go to Milngavie Town Hall on Station Road today (Thursday, July 21) from 2pm to 3.45pm and 5.15pm to 7.30pm.

Or go to Killermont Parish Church, Bearsden on Wednesday, July 27 from 2pm to 3.45pm and 5.15pm to 7.30pm.