Sally publishes new child’s book

TV presenter Sally Magnusson has written her third children’s book - Horace The Haggis and the Christmas Mystery.

As it suggests, the book is aimed at the festive market and has been illustrated by her husband, TV director and illustrator Norman Stone.

Mother of five, Sally, who lives in Torrance, said: “I can’t believe this is the third Horace the Haggis book. It’s been such fun! Believe me, there’s no better antidote to poe-faced news presentation than dreaming up the activities of a family of Mafia voles and getting Major Mole to design a landing strip for Santa Claus. I love writing for children. Again.”

The book marks a distinct change from her last book about the battles her late mother faced with dementia, ‘Where Memories Go.”

Sally added: “Nothing like going from the sublime to the ridiculous. It’s good to embroil myself in a different universe and see life through a child’s eye. And I’ve always enjoyed writing with a bit of humour.’

In this third book Horace the Haggis gets a terrible shock when he visits his friends on Christmas Eve to find that every one of them has vanished. Worse, pinned to each house is a note with the single letter V - the personal sign of the most feared gangster in Acre Valley. What has happened to Martha, Ferdy, Dijon, Doc Leaf and Professor Nut? Can Horace and Major Mole find them in time? And what if the dreaded Don Volio should discover our loveable hero in the Darkling Forest with only his hair-gel for a weapon?

Horace sets off on what is his scariest, wildest and most fun adventure yet. This time his two oldest enemies are back—and they badly want haggis for their Christmas Dinner!

Described as a loveable Scottish children’s book it’s pubished on October 8.