Safety call after boy hit by car

19-8-2017 Picture Jamie Forbes. Kirkintilloch. Colm Heneghan standing on Newdyke Road in Hillhead.
19-8-2017 Picture Jamie Forbes. Kirkintilloch. Colm Heneghan standing on Newdyke Road in Hillhead.

A petition for road safety measures after a Kirkintilloch boy was injured by a car
 has collected over 1,000 
signatures within days.

Matthew Bamford (10) broke his leg in two places after the accident in the Newdyke Road area around 10pm on Thursday, August 10.

The little boy is now believed to be out of hospital 
 after undergoing surgery.

He is believed to be the 
second youngster knocked down in the area within the past couple of weeks.

The petition “Newdyke Road Traffic Calming Measures” has been set up by resident Colm Heneghan.

Campaigners have also complained to the councillor for the area, Stewart MacDonald, with whom Mr Heneghan said they had had a successful meeting.

Mr Heneghan told the Herald: “Poor Matthew was knocked down. Luckily he survived and we wish him a speedy recovery but this could happen again”.

Campaigners are arguing for speed bumps or speed 
tables to be installed.

He added: “Newdyke Road needs traffic calming measures put in place and some way of taking the parked cars off the road.

“Too many drivers speed along this stretch of Newdyke Road and something has to be done.

“There is a school along this stretch of road with a football pitch. A lot of kids play there and we want them to arrive home in one piece.

“We have expressed our concerns to Councillor Stewart MacDonald. Supporters include Gillian Rooney of the Parents and Teachers Association at Holy Trinity Primary School.

“The school has been campaigning to East Dunbartonshire Council for years for something to be put in place but with no success”.

Council boss Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive said: “We are very sorry to hear about the injuries sustained by Matthew 
Bamford and we hope that he has a speedy recovery.

“We have received a petition from the local community calling for traffic calming measures in the Newdyke Road/Hillhead area.

“We have asked officers to investigate any issues 
with speed in this area and bring back a report to 

A police spokesperson said they had attended the 
accident on Thursday, August 10 but no charges had been brought.