Rural crime in police spotlight

Lanarkshire police have launched a special “hotline” email address to aid the fight to tackle wildlife and rural crime.

Wednesday, 21st October 2015, 10:47 am
08-10-2015. Picture Michael Gillen. FALKIRK. Northern Distributor Rd, Ivanhoe Drive. Multi-agency operation to tackle metal and cable theft and criminal use of road network. Police Scotland, British Transport Police, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency and The Scottish Business Resilience Centre.

The address, which is mailto:[email protected], aims to allow Lanarkshire officers to have a single point of contact for all intelligence updates received from farmers and the rural community.

It’s also reckoned set to allow officers to react quickly to any reports of rural crime.

PC David Wesencraft, Clydesdale community safety officer, said: “Police Scotland is pleased to work in partnership with those who live, work and are affected by wildlife and rural crime to improve the lives of our rural communities and businesses, keeping them safe.

“Farmers and rural residents can deter criminal activity by the timely sharing information with neighbours and Police Scotland.”

He added: “Physical security is vital in crime prevention.

“A Quad Wheel lock which bolts to the floor and clamps to the wheel – featured at recent rural crime awareness events – is a sound physical deterrent.

“Products such as accredited CESAR Agricultural Security and Registration Theft Deterrent System and small vehicle tracking devices can attract insurance discounts.

“They will delay and deter would-be offenders and reduce the reward if successfully taken.”

“The use of locks, bolts and padlocks are important, however the installation of monitored area/perimeter, motion and vibration sensor alarms and security lighting are important tools in effective property protection.

“They provide largely covert early warning of uninvited visitors, day or night.”

Police say stand-alone and network CCTV products can also add a layer of deterrent and may provide subsequent investigations with vital evidence.

Placed within barns and access routes, they will capture potentially vital evidence.

Where mobile reception is good, images can be sent to a Smart phone when an activation occurs allowing the owner to make noise and movement and contact police.