Royal Mail bans stamp sales after price hike

THE Costcutter shop in Milngavie Post Office has been banned from selling stamps - after it was discovered they were ramping up the price.

A Milngavie woman was outraged when a salesperson attempted to charge her an extra four pence for a first class stamp.

Irene McDonald was buying the stamp and a copy of the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald when she realised she was being asked for the wrong amount of money.

She said: “I know a first class stamp should only cost 46 pence but he was charging me 50 pence for it.

“When I challenged him he was quite cheeky and told me he hadn’t done anything wrong - he can charge more for it if he wants.

“This is a shocking thing to do and I didn’t want him to get away with it.

“Many people who aren’t as quick at maths may not realise they are being overcharged.”

Morag Turnbull, Royal Mail Group external relations manager, said: “No one should be paying more than the face value for a stamp.

“Milngavie Post Office is based in a retail shop which operates independently from the post office. Post Office Ltd has now withdrawn the sale of stamps from the retailer and would like to thank the customer for bringing this matter to our attention.

“Royal Mail often has to depend on its customers to discover cases of over-charging and would urge them most strongly to refuse to pay more than the correct price for stamps and to report anybody who is overcharging to Royal Mail Customer Services on 08457 740740 so that we can act immediately.”

The manager of the shop declined to comment.

Head of East Dunbartonshire housing and community services, Kenny Simpson, said: “All items within a shop premises should be marked with a price indication, this marking can be on the item itself, by way of a shelf edge marking or by displaying an appropriate price list. This price indication is the amount that consumers should be charged and the shop may commit an offence if they charge a higher price than that displayed.”