Row over reinstating traffic lights at Kirkintilloch shared space rumbles on

Campaigners want traffic lights reinstated at the Catherine Street junction
Campaigners want traffic lights reinstated at the Catherine Street junction

An MP has welcomed the proposed reinstatement traffic lights removed as part of Kirkintilloch town centre’s controversial shared space scheme.

Stuart McDonald, MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East, spoke after councillors unanimously back a motion by SNP council leader Gordan Low, as amended by Lib Dem councillor Susan Murray, to ask council officers to produce an “urgent” report on the reinstatement of the lights.

But he was critical of councillors who want further consultation before a final decision is made, adding that he had run a short online consultation that had found 90 per cent support for the lights to return.

He said: “I congratulate the new SNP administration for attempting to have the lights reinstated urgently.

“It will frustrate residents that opposition councillors do not appear to fully appreciate the strength of feeling there is around this issue, meaning progress has been delayed – but at least progress is being made, which is welcome.

“It is important that local people continue to make all councillors fully aware of the need for change – and I will help make sure my constituents can do just that.”

But Lib Dem councillor Susan Murray insisted that there should be no swift return of the lights.

She explained: “The community has concerns about the design of the shared space in Kirkintilloch town centre.

“These concerns, though, are about more than just that one junction. The council needs to listen to the community and review the design where required.

“It has taken some time to get to this stage and a quick fix will neither be possible nor desirable. We must get this right to make the town centre work better for vehicles, pedestrians and disabled people, including those who are visually impaired.

“By the very nature of such a project, whatever action is taken may not please everyone, but we will do our best to listen and to take account of all viewpoints before proposing the next step forward.”