Rotary on track for new path

allander rotarians
allander rotarians

PLANS are afoot to create an ambitious path which will link Milngavie to the rest of Scotland - and beyond.

Outdoors enthusiasts want to join the town to a network of routes which stretch from the south of the country to Norway.

A route already exists from the Mull of Galloway along the Ayrshire coast to the Tail of the Bank near Greenock and walkers want to open up a route from there to Milngavie, where it would link with the West Highland Way and from there onto the northern isles and over the sea to Scandinavia.

The scheme is the brainchild of a coalition of west of Scotland rotary clubs, including the local Allander club.

Path co-ordinators say they want to name the new path the Firth o Clyde Rotary Trail, which will link to the Mull of Galloway Trail, the Ayrshire Coastal Path and the Clyde Coastal Path.

The route will form part of the Scottish chapter of the International Appalachian Trail (Europe) - a chain of established long distance routes stretching from the south of Ireland up through Scotland to Orkney and Shetland and across to Norway.

Linking up with the West Highland Way, it will also provide a designated route for walkers wishing to traverse the entire length of Scotland from its southernmost tip at Mull of Galloway to its northernmost at Dunnet Head.

In addition, it will also link up with the Southern Upland Way at Stranraer, to allow a similar traverse from west to east coast. Iain White, of Allander Rotary, said: “It’s still at an early stage, but this is a really exciting project which will complete a missing link in Scotland’s long-distance footpaths. The routes are designed for day walkers and long distance trekkers and will be another link from Milngavie to the rest of the world.