Ross gears up for European vote

Ross Greer
Ross Greer

A former Bearsden Academy pupil is to lead the Scottish Green Party’s campaign to persuade UK voters to remain in the European Union.

Ross Greer (21), the party’s spokesperson on Europe and External Affairs, will also outline the need for radical reform in Europe in the run-up to the EU referendum on June 23.

Ross, who is the Greens’ lead candidate for the West of Scotland in the upcoming Scottish election, said: “Across the West of Scotland we have benefited from being part of the EU, whether through more jobs and guaranteed holiday time for workers or giving our young people the opportunity to live, work or study anywhere in Europe.

“We know the European Union is far from perfect but it is better to stay in and fight for the reforms we need than to isolate ourselves, likely damaging trade and relations with our closest neighbours.

“In a world of global capitalism, where goods and money cross borders freely, we need international action to protect workers, communities and the environment.

“If we leave this debate to two competing sets of big business interests we will let down millions of people across these islands who want to be part of a radically reformed, progressive European project and hundreds of millions more across the continent who need us to stay in this fight.

“Some on the Left have been so disgusted by the economic war waged on Greece that they are now considering voting to leave.

“Complacency is something we cannot afford. Scotland can play our part in working for a Europe of social, economic and environmental justice and the Greens are ready to lead that campaign.”

Writing in the Sunday Herald, he outlined the party’s commitment to staying in and reforming the EU, highlighting existing progressive victories such as the cap on bankers’ bonuses, whilst acknowledging the need to continue to change the EU from within.