Roof repairs delay sparks safety fears

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A DISABLED man claimed this week he has been waiting for almost six months for the council to repair his roof after the chimney was blown down during storms in January.

Scott Matthews’ front garden in Ashburn Gardens, Milngavie, was filled with rubble from the chimney after it was toppled by gale force winds.

Mr Matthews (26), who has limited mobility in his lower limbs and uses crutches, has been waiting for almost half a year for East Dunbartonshire Council to fix the hole in his roof, which he says has now caused a crack and leak in one of his bedroom ceilings.

And he claims heavy slates are still falling off the roof of the property - posing a danger to him and passers-by.

His upstairs neighbours were moved out of their house in January by the council after their bedroom ceiling fell in.

Mr Matthews said: “In January they put tarpaulin over the hole in the roof and it’s been like that ever since.

“Some workmen came out the other day, but all they did was empty the water out of some buckets.

“It’s utterly ridiculous - there is no excuse for the length of time I’ve been waiting for this to be fixed.

“Every time I phone the council I get fobbed off - they say they need to speak to someone else about it.

“I never get any information - someone should be reprimanded for this.

“The forecast is for rain until Saturday and roofers won’t be able to fix it while it’s wet.


“The leak in my ceiling will get worse and it may even collapse.

“If it does cave-in I couldn’t even run from the debris falling and I’d get injured.

“I live in a permanent state of worry and anxiety - it’s really awful.

“Also, if one of the slates hits someone on the head it would do them a serious injury.”

Grace Irvine, the council’s head of assets and property services, said: “Our officers have inspected the ceiling at this property and carried out some initial work to ensure it is safe.

“We own one home in a block of four and repairs are currently in the hands of insurers. The council, along with the other owner occupiers in the block, are currently awaiting an outcome.”