Roman Road band hope to conquer charts

roman road the band, fiona morton,andrew morton,sean smith,kenneth gibson and david gibson'photo emma mitchell'27/7/11
roman road the band, fiona morton,andrew morton,sean smith,kenneth gibson and david gibson'photo emma mitchell'27/7/11

A TALENTED Bearsden band is just waiting to be discovered with high hopes of making it in the highly competitive music world.

The band was formed after 20-year-old twins from Bearsden, David and Kenneth Gibson, recorded a demo album for friends. It was so popular that they recruited more band members and started making a more concentrated effort on writing and recording and putting on live shows.

They called themselves Roman Road after the famous Bearsden address which was at one time occupied by the Romans. They were driving along it when they were deciding a band name.

Guitarist David and pianist Kenneth have similar voices so they combined well to provide a unique sound. They joined forces with acoustic and bass guitarist Andrew, guitar and violin player Fiona Morton from Bearsden, acoustic and bass guitarist Sean Smith and drummer Robbie Houston.


They are all prolific songwriters, influenced by bands such as R.E.M, The Delgados, Belle and Sebastian, Death Cab For Cutie, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and Mogwai to name just a few.

David said: “We recorded ‘Silence of Midnight’ last winter and thought we could probably make a bash of this so we’ve been working on lots of stuff since.

“A few of us had been in bands when we were at Bearsden Academy but we played harder rock similar to Biffy Clyro.

“Me and Kenneth had written some acoustic Indie style songs and when the others heard them they loved them and agreed that’s the direction we need to go in.

“By then we also had better instruments and could produce clearer sounds and it was starting to sound like ‘real’ music.

“Having a drummer made a big difference as well as we’d always sounded quite loose but now it’s coming together.

“We’d love it if our music career takes off and that’s what we end up doing.

“We’ve definitely got the sounds now it’s just about getting them heard by the right people.”

They know what they are up against as hundreds of bands send their CDs to record producers and only a handful get listened to. But they have a plan, to cultivate all their contacts, so that hopefully one day they will be in the right place, at the right time, being listened to by the right person, and then they will never look back.

Failing that they are having a great time anyway and not taking themselves too seriously as is evident on their facebook page which includes calligraphy, kleptomania, extreme topiary, Albanian cinema, cottage cheese, elephant taming and wigwam construction on their list of interests.

They were due to play yesterday (Thursday) at the Slouch Bar in Bath Street, Glasgow, and on Wednesday, August 10 they will be performing at Box on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

To contact the band e-mail and to listen to their music and keep up to date about gigs go to their facebook page - just search for Roman Road.