Roadworks saga almost complete

Photograph Jamie Forbes 15.4.14  Hillfoot roadworks, Bearsden.
Photograph Jamie Forbes 15.4.14 Hillfoot roadworks, Bearsden.

Roadworks at Hillfoot in Bearsden have almost been completed - 12 weeks after traders complained they were ruining their business.

One trader, Ralph Colaluca (47), owner of Romy’s Chippie, said all the businesses were annoyed at the time it has taken for East Dunbartonshire Council to put in the new parking bays as customers could not park outside their shops.

He said: “Asda has managed to build a petrol station and 100 yards of road in two months, but it has taken 12 weeks for the council to put in a new path and parking bays.”

The new parking bays and traffic islands have been put in as part of the council’s continued improvement to the area. Designated parking bays have also been set up following the decriminalisation of parking. From April 1 the council has taken over the responsibility of enforcing parking regulations from the police.

And it is these regulations Mr Colaluca is keen to see implemented when the work is finished.

He added: “I don’t want to criticise the council too much because the work is not yet finished. There will obviously be some teething problems which hopefully will be sorted out.”

Mr Colaluca added: “People are parking all day at Hillfoot and then taking the train into Glasgow using spaces that should be for shoppers.

“However when the work is completed I understand the council will be putting up signage to restrict people from parking all day which should help the businesses in the area.”

Romy’s is still not open at lunchtimes as Mr Colaluca said he cannot justify it because of the downturn in trade over the past three months. One of the neighbouring shops is also closed three days a week due to lack of customers.

Director of development and regeneration, Thomas Glen, said: “The council is investing to bring improvements for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and people using public transport.

“The works include a new road layout, new parking bays and improved pavements, in partnership with Strathclyde Passenger Transport to support and encourage active travel and the use of public transport.

“Phased work began in the week ending January 17 with the car parking bays opened on April 8. The upgraded area in front of the shops on Milngavie Road was completed the following week.

“ Works are still on-going either side of the shops scheduled to be finished in May.

“The works have all been externally funded by SPT and the Scottish Government at a cost of £307,000.”