Road users at risk from prank

Police are at the scene
Police are at the scene

A dangerous wire trap prank by young thugs in Bearsden is putting road users at risk.

Motorists have complained to police of kids stringing electrical wire across a busy street in the town.

One female driver toldon social media of her narrow escape earlier this month.

She posted on a community Facebook page: “Around 6pm we were on our way home. Three boys aged between 10 and 12 in the Castlehill area of Bearsden were caught by us holding a taut wire across the road just at the corner of Rosslyn Road and Nithsdale Crescent.

“Fortunately we were driving slowly and in a car.

“What if it had been a pedal cyclist or a motor cyclist, or if we had been driving at speed:

“I called the police and gave a description of two of the boys and the police said they would move into the area and see if the could spot the youngsters”.

She added: “I know this is likely to be a one off but neverthless quite an unexpected and alarming event.”

Another resident said a similar thing had happened to them outside the new St Nicholas Primary School nearby and had informed police.

A police spokesperson at Milngavie confirmed they had received a complaint about an incident on Thursday, July 12.

They said investigations were continuing and warned motorists to be on their guard.

The spokesperson added: “The complainer said three young boys were involved who ran off. Electrical wire was found which was put in the bin by the complainer who then called us.”