Road closed - to HELP avoid traffic congestion

Roman Drive closure
Roman Drive closure

MOTORISTS have hit out at ‘phantom’ roadworks which are causing rush-hour delays in Bearsden

Road bosses have been blasted for contributing to traffic chaos by coning-off Roman Drive as part of mains repairs being carried out by Scottish Gas Networks (SGN).

Both that road and Roman Road were closed on March 7, meaning motorists could not make a right turn from Milngavie Road.

This, coupled with lights restricting traffic to one lane in either direction at the junction with Boclair Road, has led to lengthy tailbacks at peak times.

However, while substantial work has been carried out at Roman Road, NOTHING has been done at Roman Drive - leading motorists to question why it had to be closed at all.


Hamish Livingstone, from Bearsden, said: “The junctions of Roman Road and Roman Drive with Milngavie Road have been closed since March 7 with notices saying it was for works lasting four weeks. This involved extensive signage and diversions.

“So far there has been extensive work at the Roman Road junction and this has also involved the use of temporary traffic lights and the subsequent congestion that they cause.

“So far I have not seen any work in Roman Drive although there are numerous cones and signs blocking the road but no workmen or machinery at this location.

“Roman Drive is the obvious diversion route when Roman Road is closed. Who is the genius who decided to close both roads at the same time? It is obvious to most people that Roman Drive could have been closed when the work on Roman Road was completed.

“Does this example not indicate a need for contractors to suffer penalties for unnecessary road closures? Who from the council authorised this unnecessary closure?”

Another local driver, who asked not to be named, said: “People have been very patient with all the road work caused by the mains repairs on Milngavie Road over the past few months. People understand why they are being carried out. However, it is infuriating to see phantom road works like these. There just doesn’t seem to be any point to it.”

However, roads chiefs at East Dunbartonshire Council insisted the closure was necessary to IMPROVE traffic flow.

Keith Scrimgeour, roads and neighbourhood services manager, said: “These are busy, well used roads and we looked very carefully at how we could balance road safety with the need to keep traffic moving as freely as possible while these vital works by SGN were being carried out.


“Temporary traffic signals are operating at the junction of Milngavie Road/Boclair Road while Roman Road is closed. It was felt that in order to keep traffic moving along Milngavie Road the safest option was to avoid drivers making right turns into or out of Roman Drive.

“To enforce this we took the decision to close Roman Drive although it was never anticipated that SGN would be carrying out work there for the whole of the closure period.

“I appreciate that drivers are being inconvenienced during this period but the council’s priority is to ensure that traffic in the area can move as safely as possible.”