Revealed: East Dunbartonshire schools consultation results

A REPORT on the results of the consultation on options to improve East Dunbartonshire’s Primary School estate has been published.

Council Leader Rhondda Geekie said: “The report on our recent consultation into the options for improving our Primary School estate has been published on the council website today.

“The report includes analysis of the yes and no responses to the options presented and over 1200 pages of the additional comments and suggestions received.”

The report has been published to the Primary School Improvement Programme pages of the council website.

Over 7000 responses were received and analysed by IBP Strategy and Research who carried out the consultation on behalf of the council.

The consultation findings will inform the next stage of the Primary School Improvement Programme process.

Councillor Geekie said: “From the outset of the Primary School Improvement Programme we have committed to engaging with our communities, demonstrated by carrying out this additional informal consultation in advance of any decisions being made. The Council will carefully consider the response to the consultation to make sure that we understand the issues and concerns being raised.”

“We have committed to an open and transparent conversation with residents over how we improve our Primary School estate and publishing this report is a key aspect of that commitment.”

The council will meet on March 27 to debate the report.

Councillor Geekie added: “It is important to emphasise that no decisions have yet been made about any of the options we have consulted on.

“We will consider all of the consultation feedback alongside the other information and research being undertaken to work out how best to invest in improving our Primary School estate.

“That way we can ensure we can continue to provide the high quality education provision we have in East Dunbartonshire.”

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