Residents victory as gas company should have got planning permission

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A gas company has been forced to stop work in Watt Place in Milngavie because it doesn’t have planning permission.

Local residents are angry that Scotland Gas Networks, a subsidiary of Scotia Gas, did not inform them of the work to install a gas governor to maintain gas pressure before it began. They also say the green kiosk they’ve erected is unsightly and inapppropriate for the residential area and could have been put somewhere else or underground.

Diane Campbell, director of governance & regulation, said: “SGN believed the work could be done as a ‘Permitted Development’ and that they did not need planning permission. Having reviewed their plans it became apparent that what was being constructed did in fact require a planning application to be submitted.

“We have requested an application and advised SGN to stop work on the site. They have 28 days to submit an application.

“We moved quickly to address residents’ concerns and will consider any application we receive in line with planning legislation and guidance.”