Residents’ safety fears over new road access plans at Boclair House site in Bearsden

Robin Marshall at Boclair House.
Robin Marshall at Boclair House.

Lives will be put at risk if road access plans for a new hotel and housing development on the site of Boclair House in Bearsden go ahead.

This is the view of local residents who have handed in a 76-signature petition listing their concerns to East Dunbartonshire Council.

A road access proposal was approved when planning permission was granted for the development in April.

Campaigner Robin Marshall said: “The detail of the road access falls dramatically short and threatens the safety of vehicles users, cyclists and pedestrians.

“If these plans go ahead it’s our view that road users lives will be put at risk.

“Large numbers of fuel tankers and articulated lorries use Boclair Road every day and there is a blind summit. The road also has severe traffic congestion at peak times.”

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services, said: “The council believes the plans for access are safe and would not have granted planning permission if officers had safety concerns.

“The proposed new access complies with the design manual for roads and the council’s own roads development guide policy. The standards applied are the nationally recognised and used criteria that determine road design, and take into account driver and pedestrian visibility, stopping distances, vehicle speed and road gradient.”