Residents get into a festive flap after food waste bags run out

A shortage of recycling food waste bags over Christmas and the New Year got local 
residents in a festive flap.

East Dunbartonshire Council was inundated with complaints from people 
unable to bin their left-over Christmas fayre in an environmentally-friendly way.

Resident Stephen Brydson of Kirkintilloch said: “I phoned the council and was told there were no bags left down to a 
distribution problem.

“What annoyed me was that I was then told just to use an ordinary plastic bag, which defeats the whole purpose.”

Grace Irvine, Director of Neighbourhood Services, said the council had experienced 
a delivery problem with a 
supplier over Christmas.

She admitted: “During this time we have been inundated with orders from residents 
for bags. Anyone requesting food waste bags will be given a larger bag which can be placed in their outside food caddy where any food waste can be put in directly. Residents can also use non-recyclable bags like pedal bin liners or plastic bags, which are removed prior to food waste being recycled.”

The council official said a delivery was expected to be made during the week beginning January 5.

She added: “Once the bags are back in stock the easiest way for people to get new stocks is to tie a bag to the handle of their food waste caddy. When the caddy is emptied our staff will then know to leave behind new food waste bags. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience.”