Residents angry over potholes

One of the patched potholes in Torrance
One of the patched potholes in Torrance

An angry resident has hit out in frustration over the length of time it is taking to fill potholes at Maitland Drive in Torrance.

Winter weather has caused holes to open in roads throughout Scotland, but Torrance resident Brian Lister said his street is extremely dangerous for cyclists and difficult for car drivers.

He added: ‘‘I would like to nominate Maitland Drive, Torrance, as the road in the worst condition in the whole of East Dunbartonshire.’’

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services said: ‘‘The resurfacing work on Maitland Drive was delayed to allow the houses to be built. When building works are formally completed and we are certain that no more excavations are needed, the works will be reprogrammed.

‘‘We are confident the work will be completed before the summer.”