Resident fears foul play after deer remains found at Bishopbriggs footpath

File pic. Bishopbriggs Park
File pic. Bishopbriggs Park

Concerns have been raised after the remains of a deer were found at a public footpath in Bishopbriggs Park.

Resident Archie Fleming came across the carcass as he walked his dog in the area just over a week ago.

He said he fears the deer was butchered as only its head, shoulders and upper spine remained.

Mr Fleming told the Herald: “I am talking just off the path, not away in the bushes.

“Where was the rest of it? Looked to me as if it had been butchered there and the meat bearing bits taken away.

“Also makes you think it was maybe killed nearby”.

He added: “So somebody used a rifle or perhaps a bow near to a public park and also Bishopbriggs Golf Club and all the surrounding houses?

“Whatever one’s views on hunting this is probably illegal and raises concerns about safety if people are shooting in this type of area.”

The Herald contacted East Dunbartonshire Council to raise Mr Fleming’s concerns.

A council spokesperson said that the body of a deer was removed from Bishopbriggs Park last week but that its death wasn’t believed to be suspicious.

She added there hadn’t been an increase in dead deer noticed recently.

Police said they were unaware of any incidents of deer being hunted locally.

Mr Fleming responded: “As I said, the actual body was missing. I still think it was odd.”