Reservoir’s 9/11 anti-terror railings to go

Jo Swinson reservoir fencing
Jo Swinson reservoir fencing

CONTROVERSIAL ‘anti-terror’ railings at Milngavie’s reservoirs could now be removed.

The Home Office has issued a security directive stating that the fences are unnecessary and can be taken down.

They were put in place 10 years ago following the 9/11 attacks amidst fears terrorists could attempt to contaminate water supplies.

In light of the Home Office decision, East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson has written to Scottish Water to asking them to confirm a date for their removal from “one of Milngavie’s most beautiful spots.”

She said: “The practical purpose of these security fences, that only cover a tiny proportion of the perimeter of the reservoir, was always a mystery.

“I’m glad that they are now able to be taken down, restoring the picturesque view around this popular location.

“I hope Scottish Water now acts promptly to remove this eyesore.”

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “We have received the new security directive. We are working on proposals and it is our intention to outline our plans shortly and to liaise with the various stakeholders about our plans.”

Various groups have called for the railings’ removal over the past decade, including Milngavie Civic Trust, Bearsden and Milngavie Ramblers, Milngavie Community Council, Friends of Milngavie Reservoir and Bearsden North Community Council.