Reporter Laura Sturrock has joined beginners running club in Milngavie - Jog Scotland ‘ Couch to 5k’

Reporter Laura Sturrock.
Reporter Laura Sturrock.

Week One:

My sister, a marathon runner, has been nagging me for years to get fit.

She started running over ten years ago when she moved to America and joined a running group.

I’ve tried jogging in the past on my own and it just never seemed like much fun - I’d be so out of breath after a short distance that I wanted to give up and I decided I was rubbish at it.

But this has all changed after joining Milngavie’s Jog Scotland beginners group.

It’s free to join and run by volunteers who are truly an inspiration.

They applauded us for just turning up on the first night - it was cold and rainy so it felt deserved!

Thirty-three people went along and we were all keen to get going because it was cold standing around.

The group is following the NHS ‘Couch to 5k’ programme which enables you to do a 5k in ten weeks.

We started with a few stretches and a brisk five minute walk, followed by eight one minute runs with breaks in-between of 90 seconds walking.

It was tougher than I though it would be, I got out of breath each time we ran and my calves started to ache after the fourth run.

The walks allowed you to recover while keeping your muscles warm and at the end of the eight runs I really felt like I had achieved something. I felt great!

My cheeks were flushed and I felt healthy and stronger already.

Our instructors encouraged us to do one or two runs before the next group session and much to my surprise I was even looking forward to it.

I did my third run since last Thursday last night - and it was much easier - I think I’m hooked!