Recycling old glasses is a spectacular help for overseas charity


A Milngavie optician has teamed up with a charity to help fund vital eye care in developing countries.

Specsavers have, through the generosity of the community, collected more than 3,200 pairs of unwanted or used glasses over the last five years.

The specs were then handed over to the charity Vision Aid Overseas (VAO), who recycled them and used the cash to provide help for people in need.

Caroline Kinsey, director of Specsavers Milngavie, wanted to thank those who helped and called on people to continue to good work.

She said: “We’re delighted with the amount of unwanted or used glasses we’ve collected since we opened five years ago, and we’re grateful to the people of Milngavie who have helped make it happen.

“We are proud to work with VAO and do something to help people in countries where access to opticians and eyecare facilities is limited. We hope that our customers will continue to bring in their old or unwanted glasses so we can keep up the good work.”

VAO was set up in 1985 and is dedicated to helping those in developing countries who suffer from poor sight and blindness by improving access to optical facilities and better eyecare.