Raising the alarm about fire risks

Most people are aware that the best way to protect your home from fire is to have a smoke alarm, but how often do you check it actually works?

With homes coming under increased risk over the festive season, Scottish fire chiefs are urging Scots to ensure they have a working smoke alarm which is tested every week in case the worst should happen.

This appeal comes on the back of new figures which highlight that in around half of the fire deaths recorded last year, the lack of a smoke alarm or working smoke alarm was a factor.

And with the festive season and its celebrations bringing a range of new hazards into the home, it’s worth taking the time to check your smoke alarm is working.

Particularly as tree lights, decorative lit candles, cooking accidents, overloading of electrical sockets and misuse of cigarettes, lighters, matches and alcohol all increase the risk.

Assistant Chief Officer and Director of Community Safety Lewis Ramsay from Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service explained why people can’t afford to ignore the risks.

He said: “The message, as with any time of the year, is to get your home properly protected by installing and regularly testing your smoke alarm, and ensuring batteries are never removed.

“We know from statistics the very real threat fire can pose, particularly when people come together to celebrate and houses are decorated with a host of decorations which can and do cause fires.

“All electrical appliances not designed to be left switched on, including fairy lights which can overheat, should be switched off when not in use to reduce the risk. Every home should have a working smoke alarm fitted to provide early warning of the onset of fire and help keep the holidays safe.”

The best way to make sure you’re doing everything to safeguard your home from fire is to request a free Home Fire Safety Visit from your local Fire and Rescue Service.

The visits only take around twenty minutes and involve fire fighters coming to your home, providing practical fire safety advice and fitting free smoke alarms if required.

As part of a campaign to help drive down the number of fires, injuries and fatalities in Scotland, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services are touring with a set of a burnt out living room to towns and cities across the country over the next two months to encourage householders to sign up.

You can text FIRE to 61611 to request a free Home Fire Safety Visit or visit www.dontgivefireahome.org for fire safety advice.