Railplane at station

George Bennie
George Bennie

A POSTER commemorating the ‘Bennie Railplane’ is to go on permanent display at Milngavie Train Station.

The extraordinary contraption even ran in Milngavie for several months in the 1930s, but failed to secure funding for further development.

George Bennie’s railplane was a form of rail transport – albeit powered by propellers.

His prototype ran over a 120-metre line in Milngavie which was demolished for scrap in the 1950s.

Despite its appearance, the Railplane was not a monorail as it used both an overhead running line and a guide rail below.

ScotRail, the train operator, is putting the famous poster on display.

It had been presented to Milngavie in Bloom by the Milngavie Book and Arts Festival.

The image captures the futuristic elegance of Bennie’s creation which was intended to run above conventional railways.

John Yellowlees, ScotRail’s external relations manager, said: “It is sad that George Bennie, who died in 1957, was not able to deliver his vision.

“But I think he would be mightily impressed that Milngavie now has a half-hourly direct service to Edinburgh.”

Rona Miller, of the Milngavie Book and Arts Festival, said: “The image on the poster promoted this year’s festival. We are delighted that it will have permanent home at Milngavie Station.”