Radio station director to stand in Strathkelvin and Bearsden

Andrew Polson with Ruth Davidson
Andrew Polson with Ruth Davidson

East Dunbartonshire Conservative Association have once again selected Andrew Polson to fight the Strathkelvin & Beardsen constituency at next year’s Holyrood elections.

Mr Polson, who studied at Douglas Academy in Milngavie, is station manager and director of the local community radio station Revival FM and is also heavily involved in charity event management.

Andrew Polson said: “I’m extremely privileged to have been selected to fight the Dunbartonshire seat this time for the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Conservatives are now the only alternative to an SNP government who for the last eight years have failed in so many key areas including Education, Health, and Policing.

“Labour and the Lib Dems are on their knees in Scotland both now trying to court the Nationalist vote. Under their UK and Scottish leaders, Labour appear to be hell-bent on a pursuit of hard-left policies which punish hard working Scots. Scottish Labour aren’t even sure if they want Scotland to remain in the UK anymore and with their recent vote on scrapping our nuclear deterrent, the Scottish Conservatives are now the only party that will stand up for the Union and protect our countries defences”

“I have taken the stand with our leader Ruth Davidson in solidarity with the workers at Faslane who’s jobs and livelihoods would be put severely at risk as Labour joins forces with the SNP to oppose the renewal of trident. It’s scandalous that Labour have turned their back on thousands of Scottish workers in a desperate attempt to chase a few nationalist votes.”

Mr Polson went on to say: “With the PR voting system in place for this election, the Scottish Conservatives have a real opportunity to take the fight to the SNP and be the official opposition.

“Every single vote counts in this election and I want to be at the forefront of that fight here in the West of Scotland and at Holyrood.”