Quilting in the name of...

Balron artist Unsung Muses figure
Balron artist Unsung Muses figure

A BALFRON artist added a new dimension to this year’s Festival of Quilts at Birmingham NEC.

Gillian Cooper displayed an installation of quilted pieces in the shape of floating figures and transparent hangings to celebrates the lives and influence of our female ancestors and forgotten goddesses.

Her exhibition entitled the “unsung muses” celebrated the inspirational ladies who have shaped the lives of so many women today.

Gillian incorporated the notion of time passing by creating outlined rather than detailed figures, so that they almost hover under layers of embellishment and organza - slightly obscured but never forgotten.

She said: “The idea of what is needed to give a shape human form has fascinated me for ages and this was a way of exploring it. How little is required to give an outline a sense of human presence? A number of years ago, I explored the idea by looking at dolls, but I couldn’t get it to work for me. With these figures, I found a stronger connection.”

The shapes are pieced together from a variety of over-painted and hand-dyed fabrics and include discarded clothes and remnants from earlier projects. Further detail was added using oil sticks and extensive machine quilting.