Pupils lay down the law

THE changing role of law in society was the topic up for discussion when two pupils from Balfron High School took part in a conference at Oxford University recently.

The sixth years, Fionnuala Mendham and Corin Metcalfe, attended the McWhirter Foundation 2012 Dicey conference, at Trinity College on Monday, March 12.

They joined over 80 students from independent and state schools in England, Scotland and Wales for the two day event which involved listening to four guest speakers joining in large group discussions on the topic ‘explore how the advancement of technology is changing the relationship between the individual and the state.’

After battling their way through the beautiful streets of Oxford, without being run over by the many bicycles, the Balfron pupils were greeted by the co-ordinators of the event - Peter and Valerie Chambers.

The lecturers included a columnist from The Times, a successful entrepreneur and international telecoms expert, the head of corporate responsibility for Vodafone and the founder of Enders Analysis - one of the leading independent research companies in the UK.

Fionnuala said: “I felt extremely privileged to be able to participate in this conference.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and explore topics of debate which I would never usually have considered.”

Corin added: “I certainly met some characters in Oxford, but whilst doing so I developed skills that I am sure will help me in my future studies.”

Both pupils plan to study law and enjoyed being given a taste of what University life will be like.

The Dicey Trust was established in 1975 in order to ‘encourage the rule of law.’

The charitable trust aimed to promote the science of law, advance public education regarding this topic and carry out research into the application of law in society.

In 1977, The Dicey Charitable Trust combined their efforts with the (then) Ross McWhirter Foundation and hosted the first Dicey Trust Conference in 1979 at Oxford University.

This is now completely funded by the McWhirter Foundation and is titled in memory of the twin brothers, Ross and Norris McWhirter.