Pupils give it some welly

St Andrews wellie walk
St Andrews wellie walk

Children at St Andrew’s Primary in Bearsden have been going on ‘adventure welly walks’ around their local area.

The most recent class to go out was Primary 2 when the children came into school in their warm winter jackets and scarves.

Their class topic is the senses, and the welly walk tied in with the project.

The children had to look, smell, listen and feel to see what nature had in store.

Pupils marched in a long column style walking bus, singing songs to keep the spirits up during the rain.

The walk was from the school in to Langfaulds Park where the children were rewarded with a play in the park.

When the children got back to school, they reviewed what they had seen and heard and wrote stories about their time on the walk.

Jim Kerr, the head teacher of St. Andrews, said: “Welly walks are a super way to encourage children to think about the outside world.”