Pupils get the call from Kaye Adams

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WHEN two Milngavie schoolpupils are asked ‘what did you do on your school holidays’, they have a very unusual answer to give...

For Eilidh McConnell, a first year pupil of Douglas Academy and Emma Alexander who attends Glasgow Academy took part in a live broadcast with BBC Radio Scotland on Kaye Adams’ Call Kaye show.

The girls were whisked into the radio show one morning when Eilidh’s mum, Fiona Mackay was called by the programme to come in to discuss keeping kids entertained during the summer.

Eilidh said “I was quite nervous about a live broadcast but it was just like having a chat except in a dark studio with earphones on.

“We also met Andy Murray’s Mum, Judy who was on the programme too, it was awesome”

Mum Fiona said “The girls spoke well on air and I think I was more nervous than they were the BBC looked after us really well it was a good experience to see behind the scenes.

“The girls can’t wait for their new high school teachers to ask them what they did in the holidays!”

RADIO GA GA . . . Eilidh McConnell and Emma Alexander at BBC Scotland.