Pupils claimed school toilets were disgusting

Boclair Academy
Boclair Academy

Repairs have been carried out to school toilets after pupils refused to use them – claiming they were ‘dirty’and that some cubicles didn’t lock.

Concerns were raised by pupil representatives at Boclair Academy when they attended a parent council meeting.

They also complained that locks on some cubicle doors were broken, some toilets were damaged and unhygienic and often there was no toilet paper, soap or paper towels.

Some pupils, especially the girls, refused to use them, including the toilets in the gym, which they claimed smelt ‘absolutely disgusting’.

Repairs have since been carried out to toilets, but Bearsden Councillor Keith Small is concerned that the issue of cleanliness continues to be a problem, especially as the council has proposed to carry out emergency cleaning in the future only when regular staff are unable to do it - to save money.

Councillor Small said: “Cleaners come in before school opens, but they probably need more than one clean a day.

“Toilets are a basic essential and we have to make sure they are hygienic.

“If the situation is bad now what will it be like if the council makes the cutbacks? It worries me.”

Chairperson of Boclair Academy parent council, Kathryn Farrow, says it’s a recurring problem at the school.

She told the Herald: “It’s quite unacceptable that young people don’t have toilets that are in a fit state for them to use in the place where they are being educated.

“When pupils don’t use the toilets during the school day that’s not good for their health.

“I was shocked the first time I saw the state of the toilets at Boclair. Doors were hanging off, they weren’t clean and there was no toilet paper.”

Convener of education, Councillor Eric Gotts, said: “Positive work has taken place to improve toilet facilities at Boclair since the issue was first raised, prior to October.

“There was an issue with the replenishment of toilet paper and soap, and some reports of vandalism, in toilets on the ground floor.

“New toilet seats, toilet roll holders and locks were ordered, and all repairs to the downstairs toilets were made.

“The pupil council reportedback in December that they were pleased to see the improvements. Toilets in the PE department are also being improved, with doors in the girls toilet being repaired.

“All toilets are cleaned in the morning and thereafter checks are undertaken throughout the school day, mainly after intervals.

“I would like to stress that any damage has been caused by a small minority. All young people are encouraged to use the facilities responsibly.

“We have worked hard with the pupil council on this issue and many others.”