Provost tells Tesco to clean up their rubbish

rubbish at tesco
rubbish at tesco

TESCO has been blasted for the “shocking” state of rubbish at its Milngavie store by Provost Eric Gotts.

The situation was highlighted following a clean-up in which volunteers from Milngavie in Bloom took part in the annual Beautiful Scotland’s spring clean that the provost helped out with.

He said: “I took part in the spring clean to make Milngavie town centre and its natural environs a litter free and tidy zone. There was a good response to the invite by Milngavie in Bloom with over 40 enthusiastic volunteers answering the call.”

But he said it was ‘unanimously’ decided before the clean-up got underway not to tackle the area owned by Tesco.

He added: “The decision was taken on a point of principle.

“Tesco claims to have Milngavie’s interest at heart but it has singularly failed to exercise any community responsibility to tidy up the litter-strewn river banks within its ownership.

“The River Allander is of great significance to the Milngavie community, both historically and environmentally, but is sadly neglected along the stretch which Tesco occupies.”


The matter was discussed at a recent meeting of the Town Centre Steering Group, and it was decided that the chairperson, Councillor Bill Binks, should write to Tesco highlighting local concerns about the rubbish and calling for them to take remedial action.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “We regularly employ a number of methods to ensure that the surroundings of our Milngavie store are maintained to a high standard.

“Due to the logistics of removing debris at the water’s edge we engage an external contractor to ensure that this is cleared as required. This activity is scheduled to take place in the near future.”